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FundFill is your crowdfunding headquarters. We offer every type of crowdfunding campaign, including fundraising, charity, and bounty campaigns. We offer the best fundraising experience with the most affordable pricing, commitment to openness, and our Pledge Assurance Policy.

What do we do?

We provide crowdfunding hosting for everyone. We host your campaign, collect all pledges, and ensure your payment. With the Pledge Assurance Policy, we guarantee the validity of payments in your campaign. Our commitment to openness ensures both campaign owners and pledgers see where every dollar (or bitcoin!) goes. We provide the simplest, most affordable crowdfunding site for you!

How are we different?

You have plenty of crowdfunding options available. But here's what makes us special:

  • Every crowdfunding type is available: fundraising for the most common general-purpose crowdfunding campaign, charitable for charity donations, and bounty for creating reward funds.
  • Pledge Assurance Policy - Never deal with phony pledges or campaign managers trying to exaggerate their campaigns. Our policy is that what you see is what's in the bank.
  • Commitment to Openness - Never get confused by the numbers! We show where every dollar is going and the exact amount a campaign will earn.
  • Most afforable - We charge the least of all major crowdfunding sites at 3.9% with the same credit card fees as everyone else. Bankroll your campaign with the funds you save.

How does it work?

Create your campaign with one simple form, then promote your campaign so that others see it and donate. Pledge to a campaign that you want with our secure credit card provider. How it works

Success stories

How did two security researchers raise $46,000 with FundFill, including $30,000 in bitcoin? Read more

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